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The products described on this page illustrate the range of our work,
from web pages and CD-ROMs with extensive multimedia content
through to simple, but attractive printed books.

Engineer interviews

Multimedia web pages produced on behalf of the Engineering and Technology Board (ETB).

These pages appear on the ETB's "scenta" web site as part of a campaign to interest 15 to 19 year old school students in careers in engineering.

They allow users to listen to specially recorded interviews in which young engineers talk about their education, work and career plans. Each interview lasts for around 30 minutes, but they are presented as responses to 24 questions that can be selected individually.

Dr Mike Lee and Associates liaised with ETB staff to develop the concept, select interviewees and formulate the interview questions. We then undertook complete production of the web pages, including interviewing, recording, editing, photography, graphic design and technical implementation of the web pages.

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Planning for Success

A multimedia CD-ROM produced on behalf of the Institute of Physics and ten other partners with financial assistance from the DTI.

Planning for Success is a strategic business planning aid aimed at scientists and technologists running small businesses.

It employs text, graphics and sound. In addition to comprehensive sections on Strategic Planning, it features a collection of specially recorded interviews with managers of successful small businesses. These total over two hours of recordings, but our innovative presentation method allows a user to select, in context, any two-minute section.

Dr Mike Lee and Associates undertook the complete production of the CD-ROM, including: designing its structure and appearance; writing the content; conducting the interviews; recording and editing the sound components; and liaising with the Institute of Physics, other partners and the DTI.


Building Careers that Fit

Two 50 page, full-colour, A4 books and two 15 minute video cassettes. Produced on behalf of the Institute of Physics and over 20 major corporate sponsors.

The Building Careers that Fit books and videos are aimed at graduate physicists and engineers and give advice on career planning. There are two versions: one for people working in companies and one for university scientists and engineers.

Dr Mike Lee and Associates undertook the complete project, including writing the content for the books and videos and producing the video programmes.



A 20 page A4 book printed in two colours. Produced for the Institute of Physics and over 20 major corporate sponsors.

This is the first of a series of Technical Briefs aimed at up-dating non-specialist graduate scientists on recent developments in applications of physics. Our brief was to produce an attractive and readable document that could be printed at a cost low enough to allow copies to be given free to members of the Institute of Physics.

Dr Mike Lee and Associates undertook the complete project, including: researching and writing the contents; selecting and obtaining illustrations; and commissioning the graphic design.



In addition to undertaking major productions, we offer advice on design and production of learning and information products and undertake feasibility studies and concept designs.